The Chapel of Christ
409 West Marion Street, Shelby
Sunday mornings at 10:30

The Chapel of Christ   
     409 West Marion Street
            Shelby, North Carolina
 Sunday mornings at 10:30

The Unique Nondenominational Church in Shelby

  • Quiet and reverent​​​​
  • For those looking for a connection with God
  • For those seeking understanding
  • For those from whatever religious background who are interested in Christianity

Make a new start with Christianity at The Chapel of Christ.

  • A simple service in a quiet setting
  • No membership, just come
  • Not connected to any denomination.
  • No programs, no committees
  • Questioners and doubters welcome.

Watch the video below for an introduction to The Chapel of Christ

Want to know more?

Then come to The Chapel of Christ!

409 West Marion Street
Shelby, North Carolina

​Sunday mornings at 10:30

The Chapel of Christ is led by Tim Ware,
​a seminary graduate with a Master of Divinity degree.