The Chapel of Christ
409 West Marion Street, Shelby
Sunday mornings at 10:30

For those looking for an atmosphere of quietness and reverence...

     For those looking for a deeper relationship with God...

          For those seeking understanding...

               For those from whatever religious background
               who are interested in Christianity...

Are you ready to give up on Christianity because you don't like church?

Don't give up...make a new start with Christianity.

Re-experience holiness and reverence and feel yourself called back to God
at The Chapel of Christ

Watch the video below for an introduction to The Chapel of Christ

Where the Gospel is taught, not preached.
     Concentration on the resurrection, not the cross.
          Freedom from church, so you can concentrate
              on being a follower of Jesus.
                            A simpler service in a small group setting.

                            What the Bible actually says, not what
                             people say it says.

Christianity is about victory.  It's about assurance.  It's about the present and the future, not the past.

                Discover the quiet, simple, serene atmosphere of
                The Chapel of Christ.  And find out there's more to
                Christianity than what you've heard.

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